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We share our knowledge

UNIK Flow is our knowledge bank, where we share templates and summaries  – free to download and use.

Said about UNIK Flow

”UNIK Flow™ is worth gold while learning

The summaries in UNIK Flow are great while learning – the structure and condensed format is ideal to when approaching a new area. The summaries clarified a lot in a short period of time.”

Jesper Berntsson Larsson
IT officer/Operations Specialist, Region Skåne

Other UNIK Publications

UNIK Project Lead

Author: Martin Tilly & PhD Daniel Karlsson

Released: May 2019

ISBN 978-91-519-1482-4

”The book is intended to strengthen you as a project leader. The content is based on long experience from leading various projects; summarizing what really worked (and what can be problematic). Communication is key to lead a project. There are seven rules that help the project manager to lead projects in practice. The book explains the rules and gives you tools that will help you in your daily work.”

Said about the book

“The book is very practical and easy to use when it comes to leading projects. The authors provide useful tips and tricks to improve your project management skills. Finally a book that inspires!”
Derkjan Swart – Adding Value Consulting AB 2019-09-02

”Thank you for sharing your combined experience….I really like what you have done here, it’s such a no-fuss approach to PM.”
Review on LinkedIn 2019-10-29

”The book was very direct, concrete and educational. I recommend it!”
Review on LinkedIn 2019-05-25

”Excellent book. It is vigorous and fits perfectly when you need concise guidance.”
Review on LinkedIn 2019-05-31