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UNIK Partner staffs up your team when you have a vacant leadership position

Either a manager in your organization or in your project. We provide skilled and engaged leaders with deep technical knowledge. Thereby we quickly understand your business and add value within a short time.

Project & Change Management

When do you need a consultant?

  • When your own team is occupied with other projects
  • When the time frames or complexity of the project needs an experienced resource
  • You need focus on a change process with a skilled resource at your side

We have done assignments ranging from structuring project and portfolio management at global life science companies to implementing the latest analytic tools for the oil industry to streamlining product development within IoT.

Exampel of assignments:

  • IT procurement projects
  • Product development in heavily regulated business segments
  • Digitalization
  • Complience

Interim Management

When do you need an interim manager?

  • You are in a situation where you need to bring in external expertise and lead during the change management process.
  • Hiring an experienced leader as interim manager will bring in the knowledge you need and get you momentum to drive your business.
  • A leader has resigned, and you need to fill the position during the recruitment process.
  • Filling the position temporarily will help stabilize the situation and ease the knowledge transfer.

We have skilled leaders with interim experience from operations, R&D and senior management within the fields of life science, tech, health care, and IT.

Interim consultants:

  • Interim Deputy CEO
  • Interim R&D manager
  • Interim COO
  • Interim CTO
  • Interim Change Manager/Partner
  • Interim Project Office Manager
  • Interim Project Portfolio Manager
  • Interim Project Manager