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CEO & Senior Project Management Consultant

Marcus Lehto, PhD & MBA

Marcus has a good knowledge about business administration, product development, and technology. He has a pro-active mindset with a constant drive to improve and coach people, products, and organizations. Marcus strive to create win-win solutions in both short and long term.
Senior Project Management Consultant

Jonas Västibacken

Jonas is described as a person that can understand both the technical as well as the business part of a larger solution. He has a long background of leading a wide range of IT projects in both the public and private sector within.
Project Management Consultant

Amanda Bränström

Amanda is a Project Management consultant with certification both as SAFe Scrum Master and PRINCE2® Foundation. She holds a MSc degree in sociotechnical engineering at Uppsala University, specialised in energy systems. Since joining UNIK she has led projects within product development and software development. Amanda also has experience from mentoring and coaching, and is driven to create a good team spirit wherever she is engaged.
Senior Interim & Project Management Consultant

Adam Faris

Adam is an engaged leader with a solid background in product development from global medical device and life science organizations. He holds a Master of Science in Materials Engineering and has experience within mechatronics, manufacturing, organizational development, and business intelligence.
Senior Project Management Consultant

Johanna Stranning

Johanna has experience in life science and railway industry and has worked in roles such as technical project manager, product developer, supply quality and QA functions. To succeed as a leader, Johanna inspires her team with meaningfulness, make them grow and create collaboration.
Senior Project Management Consultant

Love Amcoff

Love Amcoff (MSc) is an experienced project manager within life science, software and instrument development. With a background from positions as System engineer and several different roles within QA he always hold the highest standards in keeping his deliveries. He joined UNIK Partner 2021
Project Support Consultant

Christoffer Eriksson

Christoffer is a Molecular Biotechnology Engineer student studying his fourth year at Uppsala University.
Project Support Consultant

Tyra Malmström

Tyra is studying her fifth year at the systems in technology and society Engineer program at Uppsala University.