We provide project managers with deep technical knowledge


We add value to companies that need engaged and knowledgeable resources by providing project management services with deep technical knowledge.

Exampel of assignments:

  • Lead of IT development projects
  • Product development management
  • Data Analytics
  • Education within the field of project management


We’re always looking for talents.

If you believe that you are the right one for us, please get in touch.


UNIK Flow™ is our knowledge bank, where we share more than 50 templates and summaries  – free to download and use.

Said about

UNIK is a reliable project partner.
They have successfully structured and lead one of our corporate projects, where precision and time was of essence.

UNIK have the knowledge and skills to manage sensitive health technology, making them an ideal supplier to us.
They operate fast with high precision; and have a great customer mindset.

UNIK is a great partner for breaking down technical visions into tangible parts.
Their structured approach when it comes to breaking down a technical vision into tangible parts, have been a great value to us.

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