The most engaged partner you will ever have.

Meet the team

Adam Faris
Adam Faris
Sr. Consultant Interim Management and Project Management
Adam is an engaged leader with a solid background in product development from global medical device and life science organizations. He holds a Master of Science in Materials Engineering and has experience within mechatronics, manufacturing, organizational development, and business intelligence.
Amanda Bränström
Amanda Bränström
Project Management Consultant

Amanda is a Project Management consultant with certification both as SAFe Scrum Master and PRINCE2® Foundation. She holds a MSc degree in sociotechnical engineering at Uppsala University, focusing on energy systems. She currently manages two projects within product development and software development. She has previously managed research projects as well as serving on boards of several non-profit organizations.
Anna Friis
Anna Friis
Sr Project Management Consultant
Anna (PhD) has 20+ years industry and public organization experience. She has worked in different managerial positions in product development companies as well as being Project manager in large and complex projects. Anna has also wide and extensive experience within Business Development activities in Europe, Nordic countries as well as Asia. She joined UNIK Partner in 2021.
Christine Attemalm
Christine Attemalm
Project Support Consultant
Christine is currently pursuing her MSc degree in chemical engineering at Uppsala University. She has hands-on laboratory experience within Life Science industry and has previously participated in non-profit organizations and events. Christine joined UNIK Partner 2021 as a project support consultant.
Daniel Karlsson
Daniel Karlsson
Sr Project Management Consultant
Daniel (PhD) has a background from science and entrepreneur companies have made him comfortable in solving problems in a fast pace environment producing solid results. He co-founded UNIK Partner 2018.
Frederik Fritsch
Frederik Fritsch
Project Support Consultant
Frederik is a Computer and Information Engineer student studying his fourth year at Uppsala University. He is very passionate about Data Analytics and creating value through decision support.
Jonas Västibacken
Jonas Västibacken
CEO & Sr Project Management Consultant
Jonas (MSc) has long experience within leadership and Project Management. He has delivered complex IT Projects in a wide range of areas such as Life science, Banking, Pharmacy, Car manufacturers, Engineering etc. He joined UNIK Partner 2020.
Love Amcoff
Love Amcoff
Sr Project Management Consultant
Love Amcoff (MSc) is an experienced project manager within life science, software and instrument development. He joined UNIK Partner 2021
Marcus Lehto
Marcus Lehto
Sr Project Management Consultant
Marcus has a wide range of knowledge and experience from different positions from R&D and product development to management, product management, and sales within different industries as Life Science, Green Tech, IT, and Telecom. He is driven by development and improvement, no matter if it is about products, organizations, or people.
Martin Tilly
Martin Tilly
Sr Project Management Consultant
Martin (MSc & BBA) has successfully developed and managed several business development- and product lifecycle tasks at world-leading companies within medtech and logistics. He co-founded UNIK Partner 2018.

We continue to learn new things; investing in learning new things makes our tree of knowledge grow and grow and grow…

UNIK Partner

Purpose (Why we do this)

We create engagement.

Vision (The state where we see our business going)

Everyone is engaged to achieve their full potential.

Mission (The reason our business exists)

We provide project managers with deep technical knowledge.

Values (Our desired culture)

  • We do the right thing – we’re honest and work only with honest partners. Uprightness is more.
  • We have courage – we dare to fail, but never make the same mistake twice.
  • We are solution oriented.
  • If we’re not UNIK we’re losing – We lead to be followed. We’re happy when others are inspired by us and even copying us; knowing that we’re doing things right and evolve from it.
  • We’re proud of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Guiding principles (The boundaries that we do business within)

  • Focus; spend time on matters that create value for the company.
  • Invest to be best; we dare to invest when we believe in it.

Said about us

”UNIK is a reliable project partner.
They have successfully structured and lead one of our corporate projects, where precision and time was of essence.”

Tobias Tullberg
AprioMed AB

”UNIK is a great project management partner.
They bring knowledge and tools, to structure and execute projects in an effective way.”

Anna Emilsson
Animech AB

UNIK delivers fast upon agreed items.

Knowledgeable and well-organized company to work with”

Mats Hilmersson
Cavis Technologies AB

”UNIK have the knowledge and skills to manage sensitive health technology, making them an ideal supplier to us.
They operate fast with high precision; and have a great customer mindset.”

Johan Svanerud
Coroventis Research AB

”UNIK is an engaged partner.
They bring new ideas and support us implementing them.”

Stefan Sowa
Endovascular Development AB

UNIK brings inspiration and engagement.
They are passionate about inspire other to improve their result.

Emma Gustafsson
Dunite Produkt AB

”UNIK is a great partner for breaking down technical visions into tangible parts.
Their structured approach when it comes to breaking down a technical vision into tangible parts, have been a great value to us.

Pelle Redare
iCellate AB

Unik taught us how awesome project managers can be.

We’ve worked with Daniel/Unik on managing several of the company’s top commercial projects, and it was such a joy to sleep at night feeling fully secure that everything is under control, on-time and on-budget, and that all stakeholders are very satisfied – every day.

Samer Al Moubayed
Furhat Robotics AB

”UNIK is a long term partner who has helped us with deep engagement.
They have now for many years helped us structure our marketing processes and implemented new strategies

Johan Lindell
CEO & Founder
Laserimage AB

”UNIK have the tools for creating concrete actions from a business vision.
They has been a great partner in our process of structuring our strategy; all the way from a vision down to tangible parts.”

Helena Wistrand
Moreganic Sourcing AB

”UNIK helped us structure and present our whole candidate database by using Power BI.
Daniel was extremely helpful and understood quickly our challenges and helped us solve them in ways we didn’t knew was possible. Highly recommended of course.” / Anders Achilles CEO & Founder

Anders Achilles
CEO & Founder
Stockholm Headhunting AB

”UNIK is a long term partner supporting our IT initiatives.
They have now for many years been a trustworthy partner supporting our IT initiatives. The team is highly motivated and great to work with.”

Julian Stubbs
CEO & Founder
UP There Everywhere



April – Adam joins

As of April, Adam Faris joined with the role of Sr Project Management Consultant.

Adam is an engaged leader with a solid background in product development from global medical device and life science organizations. He holds a Master of Science in Materials Engineering and has experience within mechatronics, manufacturing, organizational development, and business intelligence.


September – Marcus joins

As of September, Marcus Lehto joined with the role of Sr Project Management Consultant.

Marcus is a highly skilled project manager with a long background in technical development and with a PhD in Micro Systems Technology. He has experience within life science, product management, software development, manufacturing and supply chain.

March – Christine joins

As of March, Christine Attemalm joined with the role of Project Support Consultant.

Christine is doing her final year in chemical engineering with focus on pharmaceuticals at Uppsala University and is expected to finish her Masters degree spring 2022. She will work part time at UNIK Partner with internal and external project activities.

March – Love joins

As of March, Love Amcoff joined with the role of Sr Project Management Consultant.

Love is an experienced project manager within life science, software and instrument development. With a strong drive and deep technical knowledge he is a perfect match for UNIK Partner.

January – Anna joins

As of January 15th, Anna Friis joined with the role of Sr Project Management Consultant.

Anna joining stands in perfect alignment with UNIK Partner’s mission to support companies in Uppsala with project managers who has deep technical knowledge.

With a PhD from Karolinska Institutet and a long career in leadership and project management within life science Anna is ideal for UNIK Partner.


September – New CEO and Partner

As of September 1st, Jonas Västibacken took the role as the new CEO of UNIK Partner.

Jonas’ appointment is a clear reflection of the company’s ambitions; ready to take on the future and increase our capacity to help current and new customers become successful. Jonas will continue to strengthen UNIK Partner as “The most engaged partner you will ever have”, by bringing in new ideas and structure.

May – Amanda joins

As of May 1st, 4th year engineering student Amanda took the role as a project assistant. With Amanda on board, we will be able to serve additional customers and take our game to the next level.

2019 – UNIK Project Lead released

Unik Partner released their book – UNIK Project Lead. ”Communication is key to lead a project. There are seven rules that help the project manager to lead projects in practice. The book explains the rules and gives you tools that will help you in your daily work.”

2018 – Unik Partner Sweden AB founded

PhD Daniel Karlsson and Martin founded the UNIK Partner Sweden AB, having the vision to be ”The most engaged partner you will ever have”, through investing 2 days per week learning new things.

Corporate Information

Name: Unik Partner Sweden Aktiebolag
Registrated No. 559160-5299

VAT No. SE 559160529901
The company possesses a F-tax card (registered for corporation taxation)

Bankgiro No. 5275-8703 (Swedish clearing system for transactions)

For corporate information regarding Unik Teknik HB or Unik Technology Sweden AB, please contact us.