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Words from the team

January marked my 1st year, and it’s a great time to reflect on the past year and the future.

The team at UNIK is an amazing team with lot of skills, energy and ideas. We have a great time together sharing experiences as walking on the castle roof and project manager experiences. As a project manager consultant, you are often rather alone in your role at the client’s facility. So, it is a fantastic advantage to be a member of a skilled team.

This first year I have been fully occupied with clients and their highly complex projects. My cup of tea. I have had the opportunity to dig into a wide verity of project challenges together with engaged and skilled project team members. To you all Thank you for letting me share your everyday life.

This coming year I am eager to continue the work and run new challenging projects. This year I wish there is more face-to-face interaction. A good way to create energy, rapport and result. I fell confident that I can dig into and run interesting and challenging projects.

Anna Friis 2022-01-14

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If you’re interested to work with us but you are part of a current business, you can apply to be part of our UNIK network.

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Your business needs to be able to meet the same requirements as a UNIK partner.

UNIK Network Members

Adding Value Consulting AB

”Adding Value Consulting are a leading Consultancy and Training organization specialised in project, programme and portfolio management. ”


”MEKSOFT AB are experts within web based applications as architects and developers.”


”Smorgasway has more than 20 years of experience with data analysis and technology development for business.”