110% engaged partners and network

Recruiting the best

Two ways to join us:

Expert – we believe that you can help customers in the best way by being an expert.

UNIK Network – an exclusive where the members solve clients needs together.


Job ad

Expert within your area

We believe that you can help customers in the best way by being an expert. To stay an expert and become one in a new area we need you to spend 2 days a week for personal development.

You are 110% engaged in and love what you do. You enjoy having freedom and to influence the way you work.

Our team is currently experts in technical and business development. Join us to enrich our current areas or bring in a new area – the most important is you!

Salary: if you are into this for the money only, this isn’t for you – but we offer competitive salaries for the best.

Location: North Stockholm / Uppsala region

Job description

Title: Expert within your area

40% personal development
Gain and share knowledge. Improve your expertise and market this to get assignments.

60% consulting
Solve customers problems fast and with the highest quality.

Time and salary: Dependent on your situation

Vacation: Dependent on your situation

During personal development: Where you want to be, feel free to spend it our office at Uppsala Castle.
During assignments: At client in North Sthlm / Uppsala region.

UNIK Network – Partnering with the best

If you’re interested to work with us but you are part of a current business, you can apply to be part of our UNIK network.

The UNIK network is exclusive where the members work together to solve clients needs.

Your business needs to be able to meet the same requirements as a UNIK partner.

UNIK Network Member

Adding Value Consulting AB

”Adding Value Consulting are a leading Consultancy and Training organization specialised in project, programme and portfolio management. ”