Project management

We provide project management services with deep technical knowledge

We add value to companies that need engaged and knowledgeable resources by providing project management services with deep technical knowledge.

Examples of assignments

We have done assignments ranging from structuring project(portfolio) management at global MedTech companies to implementing the latest analytic tools for the oil industry to streamlining product development within IoT.
We flourish when having short result driven assignments or have a part-time role as advisors in large projects.

Exampel of assignments:

  • Lead of IT development projects
  • Product development management
  • Data Analytics
  • Education within the field of project management


Below are our example rates for project managers:

Less than 8 hours/month – 1500 SEK/hour
Between 9 and 40 hours/month – 1300 SEK/hour
More than 40 hours/month – 1100 SEK/hour

Interim management

We provide engaged interim managers

Hiring an interim manager is advantageous when you temporarily need to cover a gap. We are here to provide you with engaged leaders.

When do you need an interim manager?

A leader has resigned, and you need to fill the position during the recruitment process. Filling the position temporarily will help stabilize the situation and ease the knowledge transfer.

You are in a situation where you need to bring in external expertise and lead during the change management process. For example, when you want to expand into a new area such as medical devices or IT or you intend to set up an R&D department. Hiring an experienced leader as interim manager will bring in the knowledge you need and get you started faster.

We have skilled leaders with experience from operations, R&D and senior management within the fields of medical devices, life science, health care and IT.

Examples of assignments

We have had assignments within the MedTech, Life science and health care sectors.
Example of assignments:

  • R&D manager both in life science and in MedTech
  • COO in MedTech
  • Deputy CEO i MedTech


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